We have obtained a legally valid permit for the implementation of the CITYFLOW! We will create a unique housing estate there, which will be surrounded by greenery and an activity zone for residents. CITYFLOW will be implemented on a plot of land, nearly 40% of which will be a biologically active area.

The entire investment will consist of 743 apartments with a height of up to 2.8 m located in 4 buildings - from 4 to 8 floors. As part of the 1st stage will be built two 8-storey buildings with 334 apartments with areas ranging from 29 to 193 sq m. Including on the last floors also penthouses with terraces on the roof as well as a place intended for the resident’s area on the ground floor. The remaining apartments will be enriched with spacious balconies and gardens. In the underground garage there are over 926 parking spaces as well as almost 300 storage rooms.

An extraordinary advantage of this project will be its surroundings designated by green areas. The investment will be surrounded not only by neighboring external parks and squares. It will be also  filled with internal green belts with a central square with a fountain so that residents will have constant contact with nature at their fingertips. In the complex for joint use there will also be an activity and relaxation area which will consist of: a vegetable garden, a secluded enclave with sun loungers and hammocks, an amphitheater and a square with water fog, a playground or a part intended for street workout lovers. There will also be a recreation area for animals. In accordance with our New Quality Policy the CITYFLOW will be additionally equipped with numerous pro-environmental solutions and increasing the comfort of life of its residents. 

As part of the pre-sale over 25% of apartments in the 1st stage have already been purchased. The commencement of construction works under this phase is planned in the 4th quarter of 2022, and their completion in the 4th quarter of 2024.



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