Exploring Wola's

Being the fastest developing district, Wola has been gradually unleashing its inner charm. The most significant virtues are definitely related to its central location and excellent transport links, expanding all over the city. Thanks to the new metro line and multiple bus and tram stops, the inhabitants put no effort into reaching even to the furthest recesses of the city. Multiple companies of international renown choose this district as a location of their headquarters, leading to an immense growth of the Wola Business Centre, also known as City Centre West. All of those factors place Wola on the top of the most attractive investment destinations.

Park im. gen. Józefa Sowińskiego
gen. Józef Sowiński Park
Warszawskie centrum EXPO XXI
Warszaw EXPO XXI Center
Galeria Tybetańska
Tibetan Gallery
Muzeum Woli
Museum of Wola
Park Moczydło
Moczydło Park
Park Edwarda Szymańskiego
Edward Szymański Park